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Regional Housing Partnership (Region N)

In September 2022, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority launched its First-Ever Statewide Housing Plan. The goal of the statewide housing plan is to address housing challenges and promote the availability of safe, affordable, and sustainable housing options for all residents within the state.  

To be successful, the plan requires a collaborative, statewide, data-driven approach that identifies and provides steps on how to overcome our housing challenges. These are complex issues that cannot be resolved overnight and this is where the Regional Housing Partnerships come in. They aim to have every stakeholder in the housing industry working together, to identify and implement solutions that will result in meaningful changes at the individual, neighborhood, community, regional, and state levels.

Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency, the CoC Lead Agency, was officially chosen as the Regional Housing Partnership lead for Region N through the Statewide Housing Partnership at the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA).

Developing our Regional Action Plan

Our task was to gather all the stakeholders in the region to create our own Regional Housing Plan for Region N. There are EIGHT priority areas of the statewide housing plan, 37 goals, and 134 strategies. Each regional lead is charged with creating its own plan, prioritizing the goals and strategies for their region including action steps towards these goals.  The priority areas are: 

  1. Equity and Racial Justice
  2. Housing Ecosystem
  3. Preventing and Ending Homelessness
  4. Housing Stock
  5. Older Adult Housing 
  6. Rental Housing
  7. Homeownership
  8. Communications and Education

Region N Draft Plan

If you would like to review our Regions draft plan please click on the link below.

Public Engagement and Feedback

Our communities input is vital to understanding the housing needs in Out-Wayne County. If you would like to provide feedback on the plan and future housing initiative please complete the survey linked below or email any comments to