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Training Materials

Upcoming Trainings

  • Motivational Interviewing 101 for Homeless Service Providers

Michigan Coalition to End Homelessness (MCAH)
Friday August 18th 2023 at 9 am
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  • Expanding HMIS Outcomes for Greater Inclusion 

Michigan Coalition to End Homelessness (MCAH)
Tuesday, July 25th to Thursday, July 27th

Training Library

Trauma-Informed Care 

  • Center for Health Care Strategies Trauma Informed Care (Learn more | Quiz)
  • PCADV Survivor Driven Trauma Informed Services and Rapid Rehousing (Learn more)

Motivational Interviewing

  • SAMHSA Motivational Interviewing Resources (Learn more)
  • Strengths-Based Coaching (Link to come)
  • OARS (Link to come)

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

  • HUD The National Fair Housing Training Academy Resource Library (Learn more
  • HUD Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Table Talk Series (Learn more)

Cultural Competence

  • SAMHSA Cultural Competency Trainings and Resources (Learn more)

Equal Access

Racial and Ethnic Diversity

  • NAEH Centering Racial Equity in the Work to End Homelessness (Learn more)


Ensuring Families Are Not Separated

  • MCAH Understanding the McKinney Vento Act (Learn more)

Advancing Domestic Violence Housing Protections and Safety Planning

  • Violence Against Women Act (Learn more)
  • Understanding Survivors’ Experiences (Learn more)
  • Legal Protections for Survivors (Learn more)
  • MCAH / MCEDSV Understanding the Violence Against Women Act (Learn more)
  • MCAH Serving Survivors of Human Trafficking (Learn more)
  • Women’s Advocates Interconnectedness of Domestic Violence and Homelessness (Learn more)


  • The Trevor Project Sharing Space (Learn more)
  • True Colors United LGBT Youth Homelessness 101 (Learn more)
  • Point Source Youth Solutions to End Youth Homelessness (Learn more)

More Resources